About Us

Who We Are!

Youth Unity Foundation is a non-profit organization working in India to strengthen unity amongst the youth of India. Our mission is to unite the youth of India to foster the development of society and country as a whole. Our mission cannot be achieved without the support of youth and so we need to connect up with youth across the nation as much as possible and take initiatives to make them participate in events organized by the foundation for the welfare of society and country at large. Our overall goal is the empowerment of the nation leading to improvement in people’s lives and livelihood. We aim to focus on education by empowering unemployed and underemployed youth by providing them education and career counseling. Our program includes career counseling sessions, vocational skill development session, spreading awareness amongst youth about various social norms that need to be worked about to make society a better place to live. We also engage in activities like providing education to different age groups of underprivileged sections of society to help them learn, grow and hence develop along with our developing economy. Youth Unity Foundation focuses on the empowerment of youth because they are the strength of the nation.

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Key activities
Women empowerment and spreading awareness amongst youth have been our focus areas this year.

  • Women Empowerment- Special sessions for girl child have been organized for them to learn various sports like badminton and tennis along with their karate classes. Our three volunteers run these sessions in different areas.
  • 23rd March, Shobhit University, Meerut, UP– Around twenty middle aged girls attended this two days session. They did show keen desire to attend more such sessions and hence we plan to have more sessions in coming years.
  • 14th August, Shahpur Taga, Sonepat, Haryana– This was more of a healthcare program wherein females of different age groups were taught about importance of cleanliness at home and in society to keep themselves and their families healthy. Our team of 4 volunteers runs this session for around 25 women of the area wherein the attendees have been educated about some of the dos and don’ts via pictorial illustrations.
  • Awareness programs– Through our volunteers we organized awareness programs to make youth of the nation know about various laws to protect their interest in society and their rights. We launched a program by name “The Great Indian Scientific Tradition” to inform the youth about some significant accomplishment of Indian scientists in recent past.
  • 20 October 2014, Shobhit University, Meerut, UP– Around 40 students attended this session. In this session students were informed about contribution of Indian scientists in recent past. The objective of this session was to motivate students to work in research development and to make them aware of milestones achieved by Indian scientists.
  • Connecting with children of orphanage- We visited two different orphanages to meet the children and motivate them to learn.
  • 12th November 2014, Bal Kalyan Ashram, Kalu Sarai, Delhi– In this program we played a documentary for children on biography of great leaders of our country like Swami Vivekananda. Children were provided meal and they enjoyed this day-long program.

Future Plan
We have plans to start some more centres, school, encourage entrepreneurs via entrepreneurship development program, do tie-up with corporates and extend the vocational skill development programs for which we need to raise funds post getting 80G and 12A certifications.

  • Expansion- We would further expand our network to reach out to youth from different remote and rural areas.
  • Awareness- For development of youth, they need to be aware of laws and policies prevalent in society to protect their rights and interest. We will have more sessions under “The Great Indian Scientific Tradition” program to spread such awareness amongst them.
  • Digitalization- We would expand our network on other social networking sites also to reach out to maximum youth population.
  • Education- We plan to open new centres for vocational skill development in different districts and states to help in training unemployed youth. We will do tie up with corporates to provide such training sessions. We will also start some computer centres for the working children.

We plan to open a school, on getting sufficient funds post getting 80G and 12A certification, wherein approx 30% population would be of children from underprivileged section of society. They will be provided free of cost education.

  • Women empowerment- We will take these sessions to larger extent. We will also work towards women development by including programs for their health-care and encouraging practices to provide them education. They will get opportunity to learn different kinds of skills.
  • Entrepreneurship development- We will support business plans of youth by providing them funds to start up their own business.